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Sales Policy



Before you reserve a bunny please read our Sales Policy at the bottom of this page and ask yourself these questions: 

  • Will I have the time to care for and play with my bunny?

  • Am I financially stable to bring a bunny into my family?

  • Will I and/or my family be able to be careful and gentle around the bunny?

  • And, most important than all, will my bunny be happy in its new home and get lots of love and attention?




After you reserve a bunny and pay your $75 deposit, you will receive an email that confirms your reservation!


 This email will include lots of helpful information, and recommendations on how to take care of your bunny. As the pickup date nears we will touchback and decide what date works best for you.


* *Note: We do not ship bunnies!

  • We care about our bunnies greatly and wish for them to go to only the best homes possible, and we want you to enjoy the bunny too. So please do your research before purchasing a bunny!


  • If the bunny ends up not being a good fit please, please don't bring it to a shelter or sell it. We are always open to you bringing it back here and we will find a new, loving home.

  • If we feel you are not a good fit for the bunny, we have the right to decline anytime in the adoption process and will give your money back. 

  • When the bunny is here, we will ensure the health of the bunny as best we can. When the bunny leaves and goes to your home, we are not responsible for any accidents or sicknesses of your bunny.

  • We are firm on the price and will not accept any offers other than the prices as they are listed.

  • We offer ongoing support to anyone who purchases one of our bunnies. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us!

  • I can not 100% guarantee the gender of any rabbit but I try my best.

  • Please do not reserve a bunny if you aren't financially stable and can't afford surgery for spaying/neutering to keep your bunny healthy. We require that you will commit to getting any bunny that you buy from Flopsy Bunnies Rabbitry will need to be fixed for his/her health and well-being. 

Before Reserving a Bunny

After Reserving a Bunny

Our Sales Policy

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