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Meet The Mamas

Listed below are our does. They are not for sale! Feel free to check out our BUNNIES FOR SALE  and our BABY BUNNY UPDATES pages where each litter posted will have listed the dam and sire. You can match the dam by name and picture on this page!



Color: Chestnut VM ( Vienna Marked )

Willing Hand's & Raven's Sequoia a.k.a. Beatrix is a really gorgeous girl who came all the way from Washington! She has the most stunning blue eyes! I love her coloring and build. Beatrix is such a solid mama and never fails to impress me. I'm overjoyed she found her way into our family! She is a really calm, sometimes bashful bunny, who has a huge heart! 

IMG_1551 2.jpeg


Color: Orange ( Potential Vienna Carrier )

Meet Flopsy Bunnies' Adelheid a.k.a. Heidi! She is the daughter of Beatrix and Stormy and has made her way into our family with her amazing personality and outright adorableness.  Heidi has the cutest "airplane ears" that have refused to fully lop. She is such a special girl to us and I can't wait to see her babies in early fall 2021!



Color: Blue Tort

Meet Flopsy! This sweet girl is my very first bunny and has been with me from the very beginning. She is the most intelligent, social, and adventurous bunny I have ever met. This girl is so special to me and I'm incredibly happy she found her way into my life. 

In summer 2021 I decided to retire Flopsy after she lost her babies during a very difficult delivery in the spring. We spayed Flopsy and she is now living her best life with us as a pet. 

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