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Meet The Papas

Listed below is our buck and our friend's buck. They are not for sale! Feel free to check out our BUNNIES FOR SALE and our BABY BUNNY UPDATES pages where each litter posted will have listed the dam and sire. You can match the sire by name and picture on this page!



Color:  Blue Point

Stormy is a really chill boy! I love his build and coloring. He is sensitive and gets overwhelmed with lots of big attention. His crazy hair and his love for food has made me laugh so many times. He doesn’t mind people but prefers to not be the center of attention. Altogether he is a sweet, laid-back, gentle boy.


IMG_2053 2.jpeg

Color:  Broken Blue Otter

Snoopy is my dear friend's buck. He is super playful and curious with the cutest markings! Snoopy is dainty and has very good characteristics. My friend got one of Flopsy's first babies, Jemima and  I'm thrilled to have the privilege to use her buck, Snoopy as a papa! Isn't he adorable?

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