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How To Litter Train a Bunny Successfully

Let's do this in 3 easy steps so it makes more sense.

1. Find the corner or area that your bunny peeing in most. Then place a litter box there. If there is more than one spot that your bunny is peeing in, you could consider getting a couple of litter boxes.

2. As you may know, bunnies usually poop while they are eating hay. To encourage your bunny to use the litter box put a big handful of hay on the top of the litter box so the bunny will most likely sit in the litter box to eat the hay. I have also found it helpful to take a paper towel, soak up a bit of their pee, and place it in the litter box, bunnies tend to go where they smell their own pee. 

3. Keep at it, don't give up! Even though some bunnies just can't seem to understand, most will get the hang of it over time!

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