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Holland Lop Color Guide

Wondering what color bunny you want? Well, you have hopped along to the perfect place! This page may help you find a color that strikes your interest. Here are many colors that I work with, as well as others that I thoroughly enjoy! 


All the colors featured on this page are solid instead of broken patterned, this makes it easier to see the true characteristics of the individual color. Every color has a broken variation. A broken patterned bunny has white corresponding with another color on its fur, resulting in a splotchy, broken pattern.

**This color guide is a work in progress, and we do not have every color/group featured. I will keep adding to it over time. If you have a photo of one of the colors that's missing, please send it via email to


Please do not use any of these photos, unless given permission. Enjoy!

Shaded Group

Agouti Group

Wideband Group

Harlequin/Magpie group

Self Group

Tan Pattern Group

Thank you for your Photos!

Black Otter -  Photo credit to Mountain View Rabbitry

Blue Eyed White - Photo credit to Mountain View Rabbitry

Chocolate -  Photo credit to Misty Blue's Bunnies

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