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Housing is an important consideration, when it comes to what your bunny needs. I believe that every bunny should have a space to play and run around in, and a space to call home, that is safe and comfortable.

Go to my 'Favorite Products' tab under 'FAQ + RESOURCES' to see my favorite bunny housing setups.

I would also recommend going to the Hooks Hollands website. At Hooks Hollands, you will find amazing bunny room tour videos with different bunnies setups! I keep my bunnies' setups clean and comfortable. Your bunny should not be in direct sunlight especially in temps above 80 degrees! 

Bunnies can die very quickly from heat over 80 degrees. If you live in a cold climate, your bunny's space should be kept above 40 degrees.

Getting to the point, your bunny will be most comfortable in temps between 40 and 80 degrees. Always make sure your bunny's cage is clean especially from pee. Your bunnies space should be at least 4ft by 4ft, along with a much bigger space to exercise.

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