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Our Story

Our story began on a sunny, late August day when my mom and I went to pick up Flopsy and bring her home. At first sight, I was in love with those big, white feet, and gray/brown fur! She was only 7 weeks old and extremely adorable! We brought her home and settled her in. Weeks passed of playing and learning with her. I decided to try and breed her when she reached 7 months old, but the problem was we didn't have a buck, so along came Stormy. I recall how chill and quiet he was on the way home from picking him up!  The next year little Beatrix arrived at our home all the way from Washington! We had specifically been looking for an agouti pattern VM, and are so happy that Beatrix found her way into our lives!

Heidi was born a few days before Halloween, she came into the world along with her eight siblings. I had been extremely worried about Beatrix because it was her first time being a mom and I was unsure if her babies would make it. You can imagine my surprise when I checked on her in the late afternoon and found eight, lively babies in her nestbox! Holland Lops only have six teats and Beatrix was struggling to feed all her babies. It was a long, hard couple of weeks battling to keep all of the little babies alive, but Beatrix was very cooperative and an amazing mama. Heidi was the runt and all her siblings were much bigger. Despite her small size, she was full of vigor and loved going on adventures with her big sister. She quickly stole my heart with her funny antics and adorable ears, that even to this day have refused to fully lop! 

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