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The Bunny Room

I have found that when bringing a rabbit into my home, I always like to know the conditions in which they come from. This plays a HUGE part in their health and well-being. We created this page for you to see where we house our rabbits and how we care for them. 

Housing Setup

Our bunnies are housed indoors in big, spacious plexiglass pens. In each pen, there are lots of toys, a hidey-house, cozy bed or hideout, rug, litter box, food & water bowls, and a hay rack.



We work very hard to provide our bunnies with the best care possible. Our bunnies are given fresh greens, high-quality Sherwood food, filtered water, and premium 2nd cutting hay daily. We hold and socialize with our bunnies every day. We keep their pens clean and comfortable. When the weather permits, they are let outside to exercise in large, secure pens. 

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