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Find the perfect rabbit for you

Welcome to Flopsy Bunnies Rabbitry! We are a little rabbitry located in Beautiful Colorado. We have a small herd of Holland lop rabbits and strive to raise sweet, friendly bunnies to spread joy and love throughout the world! Our bunnies are OUR PETS and are giving top-quality hay and pellets, along with lots of snuggles and love. They are housed inside in big, spacious pens and are given daily exercise. 

As a petite rabbitry, we are able to have a deeper connection and understanding with each individual bunny and recognize that every bunny has a unique and different personality. Some are playful and out-going, just like a puppy. While others are tentative and shy, needing time to warm up to you before letting their true colors shine through.

We have learned so much over the years of owning rabbits and are so blessed to have found our way into the rabbit community. Hop along with us on our journey! 

Why Choose Holland Lop Rabbits?

Holland Lops are very popular in the rabbit community and are known for their sweet looks and affectionate personalities. They originate in the Netherlands and are the smallest breed of lop rabbits. These rabbits are good family pets but do require lots of attention and playtime. This would be a good pet for someone willing to be responsible and who has lots of time to spend with their bunny.

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